PWHA 2024 English
Show Schedule
Rules and Reminders: 
  • Administration fee is $5.00 per horse per show.
  • $8.00 per class for members/$10.00 for non-members  

  • Hunter in Hand Class will replace English Showmanship Class. 
  • Riders may enter any division they are qualified for, If they enter more than one non-open division (Short Stirrup, Novice Rider, Novice Horse, Childrens, or Adult) they must elect prior to riding in the division which division's points will count toward end of season overall awards.  All points will count for end of season division awards.
  • Lead Line riders may not enter any other division besides Hunter In Hand.
  • If less than three entries per class, class may be canceled or combined. 
  • Headgear is required for all participants 
  • Novice Horse and Novice Rider entries accepted for first two years of competition only. 
  • We allow a substitution mount if your horse has a lameness. must have vet certificate.
  • Schooling will be allowed prior to the show from 8:00 to 8:45. Schooling will also be allowed during the judge’s lunch break if time permits. 
  • Prince William Horse Association,Four Winds Farm, Staff and Volunteers will not be held responsible for accident, loss, injuries to exhibitors, spectators, or animals, or damage to equipment of any kind.
  • Points will be awarded as follows: 1st 7 pts.4th 3 pts. 2nd5 pts.5th 2 pts. 3rd 4 pts.6th 1 pt.
  • Riders must show in 3 of the 7 shows to be eligible for year end awards.
  • Dress is casual. (Boots and breeches, polo shirt) and neat, clean clothing. NO halter tops or spaghetti strap shirts! Appropriate heeled boots and helmets are required.
  • No poor sportsmanship or bad conduct will be tolerated by any participant or spectator 
  • Unjudged rounds will be allowed at the regular entry fee. 
  • Show management has the right to combine or cancel any classes/divisions if there are less than 3 entries
  • Age of rider is determined “as of” January 1, 2022
  • The judge has the authority to excuse any horse from a class due to lameness or safety concerns.
  • The Judges and/or Show Managers decision is FINAL.
  • The use of any illegal equipment (bits, tack, etc) will be grounds for DQ
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor, parent, or trainer to enter riders and horses only in a division in which they can compete safely! If a rider or horse is deemed unsafe they will be pulled from the class/division and ribbons/points will be removed.
  • If you are competing on a horse or pony that has successfully placed at A-Rated horse shows, please enter the Equitation and Working Hunter divisions only. We are a local level schooling show.
​       **** $25 RETURNED CHECK FEE **** 

Shows begin 
promptly at 9:00
For show information:
please contact Julie Mathis
(h) 703-754-7873
2024 Show Dates

April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
September 22
October 13

We will be having a "Tack Swap Table" at each of our english and western shows! Bring any items you have out grown, are not using, etc. New and used items welcome!